Saturday, 17 October 2009

Granny walks!

I've been using the Blend Morph sliders in order to create this shot of Granny turning slightly as she walks carrying a huge pile of washing.

I had a few problems with the IK pulling Granny's right foot around a bit after it was placed. After several attempts at correcting this I found the easiest solution was to just create another right foot and place it on a layer on top of the original. I scaled the original down once it was in position to ensure it was completely concealed. Sometimes finding solutions to problems can be almost as enjoyable as the animation itself =0)

All text and pictures (c) 2009 Dale Hemenway


  1. Hi,
    the Turnaround and walk has come out very well, if it not too much to ask, would it be possible to create a tut on how you did this.

  2. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the comment. I will try and create some tutorials when I get time. At the moment I'm really busy at work and home. Are you on the Anime Studio Forum? In the meantime you should get all the help you need there.