Saturday, 17 October 2009

Granny walks!

I've been using the Blend Morph sliders in order to create this shot of Granny turning slightly as she walks carrying a huge pile of washing.

I had a few problems with the IK pulling Granny's right foot around a bit after it was placed. After several attempts at correcting this I found the easiest solution was to just create another right foot and place it on a layer on top of the original. I scaled the original down once it was in position to ensure it was completely concealed. Sometimes finding solutions to problems can be almost as enjoyable as the animation itself =0)

All text and pictures (c) 2009 Dale Hemenway

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Why Blend morphs?....

I've been busy getting another character ready for animation and experimenting with Blend Morphs in Anime Studio Pro. The robot, seen previously, was intended to simply 'flip' from front view to side view rather than have smooth head turns as I thought this would suit his robotic form. Some purists may disagree but I do quite like the snappy motion this gives and, if the move is preceeded by a few frames of good anticipation then it works very well. However, to contrast with this I wanted the Granny especially (being older and slower) to have smoother motion. Therefore I decided to experiment with the Blend Morphs. You can see how they work here.....

I've created head turns before using actions in AS but the new Blend Morphs feature means you can combine the reusable poses, as you would in a 3D package. I've quickly created a head turn to demonstrate how it works in an animation.

That's it for now. Feel free to leave questions or comments.

All text and pictures (c) 2009 Dale Hemenway