Sunday, 11 July 2010

More Dog Stuff

In order to create the animation I require from the dog ie: long shots of him running around I had to have a 'turnaround' of him similar to the one created for the Flea a while back. I tend to create these for all my character's as it's a great starting point. If you do this before you produce your storyboard you can pose your character for storyboards too.

Anyway. I started with the side view and, in Anime Studio Pro, created a front view.

I loaded the front and side views into Artrage on separate layers and lined them up.

Next I used the pencil to roughly draw an 'inbetween' of the head. It brings back memories of my 2D cel animation days this part! =0)

Once the whole dog was inbetweened I moved on to the next position in the rotation which is inbetween the side and back view. The back view is the easiest to create as you can usually just remove the face and other details and tweak the feet.

Once all the inbetweens had been created the drawings were loaded into Anime Studio Pro and traced. The individual parts were then put back together as shown below.

Of course I also had to do a rotation of the Flea House too as it was to be hanging from the dog's collar.

This is the completed Turnaround.

Below are three subsequent passes of animation starting with a rough blocking out and finishing with an almost completed animation.

All text and images (c) 2010 Dale Hemenway